Three Wire and Four Wire Condenser Fan Motor Wiring Guide

Posted by Craig Bagdon on Jun 1st 2017

“My original condenser fan motor has three wires and the replacement condenser fan motor that I bought has four wires – did I buy the wrong motor?” This is by far the most common post-transac … read more

How-to: Selecting the Correct Condenser Fan Blade

Posted by Craig Bagdon on May 15th 2017

When replacing a condenser fan motor, it’s always advised to replace the condenser fan blade along with it. Here’s the reason why – condenser fan motors commonly fail when their bearings fail. The … read more

A Residential HVAC Cooling Season Preparation Guide

Posted by Craig Bagdon on May 2nd 2017

The thermometer reached 75 this past weekend in Chicago, which means we’re officially entering cooling season. Cooling season is the industry term for when we use our air conditioning units – c … read more

5KCP39 Motors | The How-To Guide on Replacing 5KCP39 Motors

Posted by Craig Bagdon on Dec 3rd 2015

The 5KCP39 line of HVAC motors is probably one of the most common in use today. We've seen hundreds, likely thousands, of condenser fan motors and direct drive furnace blower motors that have model nu … read more